Quick Service

The Pro9 Quick Service headset ensures drive-thru customers receive exceptional audio clarity while offering the crew a user-friendly, comfortable, and reliable tool for seamless team communication.

Sound Quality

The best sound quality between customer and crew of any drive-thru headset system.


Day-long shifts are supported by extremely light and comfortable headsets.

Ease of Use

Intuitive user journey using colour LEDs and audio prompts to guide the user through the features.


Applying long experience to design an efficient and robust headset for long-term use in the field.

Meet the Pro9 Headset System

Pro9 is the market-leading headset system for 1,2,3 and 4 lane drive-thru operations. It provides excellent customer experience even in the noisiest of conditions, enabling order takers and crew to deliver orders accurately and efficiently.


The system uses industry-leading noise cancelling algorithms. This optimises the intelligibility to capture inbound customer orders accurately through the speaker post.


The system is designed around simplicity, ease of installation, and the minimum of in-life support the system should need. This includes a full suite of remote fault diagnostics of key components.


Through the base station, the system can be integrated with POS systems, Automated Ordering systems, Lane Timers and other above-store monitoring and management devices.


Designed for ease and simplicity, the Pro9 system can be reliably installed & supported by competent local facilities suppliers.

Discover how the Pro9 can work for you

For Quick Service

Meet the Pro9 Headset System

Single lane, dual lane, and four lane capabilities
High-quality audio
Light and comfortable
Single touch channel selection
Hands-free headset registration
Exceptional range

Pro9 Quick Service System products

Instructional Videos about the Pro9


Pro9 Headset
Operating frequency
1.88-1.90GHz EMEA, Asia; 1.91-1.93GHz North America
T1, T2, TS1 (table service), P (paging)
Channel activation
Order taker press T1 or T2; runner press T1 + P or T2 + P; table service press P twice
Press and hold page button
T1 green, T2 blue, TS amber, P white
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