Our Retail headset system offers crystal-clear sound, whole-team connectivity, and multiple useful features to enhance team collaboration, staff wellbeing and efficiency, as well as transform store operations.

Crystal-Clear Sound

Sound clarity reduces fatigue and improves readiness to use throughout the day.

Light & Comfortable

Lightweight and comfortable, this system is a favourite amongst sales floor staff.

Team Building

Provide quality communication, which is crucial when managing and developing a team


Keep your team connected throughout the day for effective support.

Meet the Pro10 Headset System

Pro10 is the ultimate single-channel high quality communications system for retail stores. The group can hear and engage in conversation whilst receiving messages, prompts, and calls from other devices around the store.

Connectivity & Integration

The system interface enables connectivity to keypads, alarms, monitors, entry systems, and above-store messaging. This provides a fully integrated communication system if required.


Perfect as a single base, 4 headset system or scaled to a multi-floor 20 base and 30 headset system.

Unique Security Link

‘Red button’ feature over-rides all other activities to activate above-store incident monitoring and team alert.

Low Maintenance

Designed for durability and simplicity. The system is robust and easy to maintain and support.

Our Safety Solutions

Enhanced by Quail Digital headsets

VCA Technology

Enhancing surveillance and response with cutting-edge video analytics.


Leading facial recognition for retail security, providing an additional layer of protection.

Staff Safe

Streamlining emergency response to ensure swift action in critical situations.


Our system integrates seamlessly with in-store and above-store headsets, enhancing efficiency and real-time multitasking for the team.

Store Layout Example

Typical configuration of Pro10 Retail system on the shop floor.


Registration Point and Charger in staff area


Suggested location for Base Station (Square footage & power supply location dependent)


Wireless Headset coverage throughout store

Registration Point and Charger in staff area
Wireless Headset coverage throughout store
Suggested location for Base Station (Square footage & power supply location dependent)

Discover how the Pro10 can work for you


“The headsets have been great. It was easy to install and begin using. Staff turnover has decreased since we have begun using Quail Digital headsets. I even forgot how to add new staff members into the epos system as it’s a rarity to need to hire new staff members at the store now.”

Neil Godhania
Neil Godhania
Premier Neils

“There has been a great improvement to store efficiency. If we were to take away Quail Digital headsets, our employees wouldn’t be happy. It’s been a great success. I’m also impressed by the ongoing support post purchase of the headsets by the Quail team.”

Dave Pickford
Dave Pickford
James Hall & Co. Ltd

“Having digital headsets means we’ve been able to implement so many efficiencies and time saving solutions because of our improved communication capabilities.” 

Harj Dhasee
Harj Dhasee
Village Stores Mickleton

“Hearing such positive colleague feedback has been amazing, especially when they tell us about how happy and connected they feel with the headsets.”

Gary Davison
Gary Davison
Security Operations Manager, One Stop

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For Retail

Meet the Pro10 Headset System

Crystal-clear communication
10 hours of talk-time
Light and comfortable to wear
Range exceeds 200,00 sqft
Integrates with help points, checkouts, and alarm systems.

Pro10 Retail System products

Instructional Videos about the Pro10


Pro10 Headset
Operating frequency
1.88-1.90GHz EMEA, Asia; 1.91-1.93GHz North America
Operating modes
PTT (push-to-talk) and TalkLock
Touch buttons
Talk button, volume button
Noise cancelling, electret mic
Volume adjustment
Levels 1-5
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