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Achieving order accuracy and maximising productivity in your drive-thru operation requires a headset with the best intelligibility. This leads to faster order taking and fewer mistakes. The headsets offer impressive ergonomic design and incredible sound quality, all while being comfortable and durable.

We provide the best Quick Service solution for your drive-thru.

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For Quick Service

Meet the Pro9 Headset System

Single lane, dual lane, and four lane capabilities
High-quality audio
Light and comfortable
Single touch channel selection
Hands-free headset registration
Exceptional range

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Frequently asked questions for Quick Service

Can the Pro9 Quick Service system connect to my lane timer?

Yes, Pro9 is designed to connect to every established make of lane timer, picking up the customer greet prompt from the lane timer loop detection.


How is the Pro9 Quick Service headset sound quality better than other suppliers?

The noise cancelling technology we use is able to create a higher level of intelligibility, which in turn makes the system much easier to use for crew members.


Does the Pro9 Quick Service system have the range to cover the car park?

Yes, range repeaters from the base station will provide full coverage to the drive thru lanes and the whole way round the building. 


We have an order pick-up window for App-order collection, can the Pro9 Quick Service system cover that too?

Yes, in a single or dual lane configuration Pro9 has a third channel that can be used to support the collection window, parking bay delivery, or table service in the restaurant.


Our previous system had an over-complicated method of registering headsets when replacements arrived, is the Pro9 Quick Service system simpler?

Yes, Pro9 uses near-field registration to connect headsets to the system. Holding the headset close by the base does the process for you automatically.


Is connectivity to automated ordering systems, above-store and POS integration on the roadmap for Pro9 Quick Service system?

Yes, Quail Digital is working with several global partners to provide headset integration into store-wide systems.

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