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Wireless healthcare headsets are integral to a cohesive and agile team within the Operating Room. Amidst ambient noise and dispersed workstations, effective communication is often hindered, resulting in tension, errors, and raised voices.

Implementing high-quality wireless communication headphones across the team mitigates noise, alleviates stress, and enhances overall team well-being.

We provide the best hospital communication devices for your medical team.

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Meet the Pro11 Headset System

Crystal clear audio
10 hours of talk time
2 headset user modes
Made with anti-microbial plastic
Simple to self-install

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Frequently asked questions for Healthcare

What is the range of the Pro11 Healthcare headsets?

Typically the system will cover the theatre, monitoring room, and adjacent areas.


How long will the Pro11 battery last between charges?

16 hours in push-to-talk standby mode, 10 hours in hands-free mode.


How easy to clean are the Pro11 Healthcare headsets?

We recommend wiping your headsets and charger with dry household hygiene wipes after each use.


What technology does the Pro11 Healthcare system use?

The DECT telephony platform, which operates on 1.88-1.9 GHz. It is license-free.


Can I use Pro11 Healthcare headset systems in multiple adjoining rooms?

Yes, you can. Each system operates on its own digital 'keys,' which means that the base station and headsets registered to it use a unique set of keys that are set up during the headset registration process. Systems in adjacent spaces do the same, which is why they can work in a close proximity.


Can I move Pro11 Healthcare headsets from one room to another?

Yes. A headset registered to system A can be taken and registered to any other system. The headset will de-register itself from system A as soon as it registers to system B. You can repeat that process as many times as you wish.


What power sockets are required for the Pro11 Healthcare system?

The base station requires one 13amp power outlet, ideally located at ceiling height somewhere towards the middle of the range you wish to be covered. Base stations are often located in the monitoring room. The battery charger requires a single 13amp power outlet and should be located in range of the base station.


How long does the Pro11 Healthcare system take to set up?

Once you have decided where to mount the base station and have identified the location of the power sockets, affixing the base to the wall,  mounting it, setting up the  charger, putting the batteries into the headsets, and registering them should take no more than 20 minutes.


What maintenance does the Pro11 Healthcare system require?

We recommend that you change each headset battery once a year to maintain the charge capacity. Batteries are available through your system supplier. It's easy to swap out the battery yourself, and it takes just seconds to do. Spent batteries can be returned to your supplier for safe disposal.

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