Increase productivity through team communication.

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Excellent communication is what creates a great team. A collaborative environment enhances service quality and performance. Through seamless communication, wireless comm headsets improve efficiency, well-being, and staff safety.

A collaborative environment enhances the service quality and performance.

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Meet the Pro10 Headset System

Crystal-clear communication
10 hours of talk-time
Light and comfortable to wear
Range exceeds 200,00 sqft
Integrates with help points, checkouts, and alarm systems.

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Frequently asked questions for Retail

What’s the maximum size the Pro10 Retail system can be?

Up to 20 base stations can be linked to give coverage over multiple floors and large spaces. Use up to 30 headsets on one system.


Can I link the Pro10 Retail headsets to our in-store messaging and security devices?

Pro10 Retail comes with an external interface connection so that audio messages and alerts from external sources can play into the headset system. This might include checkout keypads, door entry systems, and security tagging systems.


Does the Pro10 Retail system have a priority channel for emergencies?

Yes, Pro10 Retail has a ‘red button’ feature which alerts are staff to an incident using a priority call-out feature with a pre-recorded message. 

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