New Pro9 Headset System
 for Quick Service communications


The ultimate Quick Service headset

The all-new Pro9 headset system for Quick Service is a huge step-change in simplicity, comfort and audio clarity.

Pro9 is a multi-channel headset designed for single and dual lane drive-thru, curb-side ordering and in-restaurant table service, all from the same headset.

And, its range will cover kitchen, seating on two floors, drive-thru lanes, drive-to bays and parking lot.

There’s no limit to the number of headsets you can use on the system, with contactless registration and Puresound noise cancelling much improving the user experience

• unlimited number of headset users

• single and dual lane drive-thru

• digital from speaker post to headset

• table service and curbside channels

• LED channel indicators on mic

• private paging channel

• 12 hour battery between charges

• touchpad channel selection

• exceptional range

• very strong nylon headset

Pro9 - best in class for intelligibility

Pro9 is "significantly better" at inbound AND outbound noise cancellation...

“Electroacoustic Performance Comparison Report”,
Peter Mapp + Associates, August 2020

Pro9  0.57             HME HD  0.47

Speech Transmision Index (STI), higher figure is better*

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