Q-Pro5 Drive-thru Headset System... new levels of audio quality, comfort and flexibility as well as greater productivity and performance.

Wireless Headset System for drive-thru communication


The ultimate drive-thru headset

Quail Digital's wireless Q-Pro5 Drive-thru Headset system is an industry first...

...combining the latest design in high quality DECT digital wireless headsets with integral lane timing, customer-recordable greetings and crew prompts.

The system takes the user experience to a new level for audio quality, comfort, flexibility and features for greater productivity and performance.

Quail Digital's Q-Pro5 operates on the high quality 1.88-1.90 GHz frequency band with base station to give extended range inside and outside restaurants. It is fully configurable for single lane, tandem and dual lane all from a single base station.

State-of-the-art headsets are wireless and operate hands-free, talkLock and push-to-talk modes.

• up to 12 headset users
• wireless headsets with 12 hour battery life
• unique nylon construction for toughness
• hands-free, TalkLock, push-to-talk
• single lane, tandem, dual lane
• Q-buster time prompt
• message greeter
• noise and echo cancelling

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