New PRO10 Headset System for retail

Staff using the system in store really like the Pro10 system

The new Quail Digital Pro10 Headset System gives you unrivalled high quality wireless team communication...

...designed to improve team productivity in retail, hospitality and business. Headsets empower staff to give customers a better experience, solving queries, seeking assistance, locating stock, finding the expert, quicker.

The system comprises all-new hands-free lightweight wireless digital headsets for up to 30 users, with options to integrate headsets above store to Head Office, remote security monitoring, checkouts, customer help-points and passive alarm systems around the store.

The system operates on the high quality 1.88-1.90 GHz frequency band with range and coverage exceeding 200,000 sqft.

• improved team communication

• reduced queues at checkout

• better customer service

• 16 hour talk-time on standby

• 10 hours talk-time hands-free

• touch-pad switch, no buttons

• 5-stage volume control

• wireless headset registration

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For more detailed research on productivity gains achieved by Quail Digital customers, click to view the Quail Digital Retail Report

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Having digital headsets means we’ve been able to implement so many efficiencies and time saving solutions because of our improved communication capabilities.

Harj Dhasee, Village Stores Mickleton

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