Quail Digital is a global brand making high quality wireless headset systems for  retail, healthcare, community and quick service. Customers choose Quail Digital for quality, technical innovation and design excellence.


Tom Downes, CEO Quail Digital, says: ”Our customers buy wireless headsets so their staff communicate more accurately and work more efficiently in the workplace. Teams who use headsets improve outcomes and service levels. We aim to create systems which meet their evolving needs.”

Quail Digital
worldwide locations

Quail Digital North America

2929 Carlisle Street,

Suite 373,

Toll free 1-888-575-1010



Quail Digital Europe
Alt-Heerdt 104


Quail Digital South America

2929 Carlisle Street,

Suite 373,


Opportunities for distributors and resellers

If your organisation is interested in distributing or reselling Quail Digital in North America, EMEA, South America and Australasia, please contact us with the following information:

Company, contact, email, address, telephone, website

Details of current activities and territory

Do you currently install RF products?

Do you currently have customers in retail/healthcare/drive-thru?
Do you have active sales/account managers in these sectors?


Contact Tom Downes,
Quail Digital CEO,

Photo Gallery

Pro10 for Retail and Community

Pro10 Base Station

Pro10 Headset, Headband

Pro10 Headset

Pro10 Charger

Pro10 Registration Point

Pro10 Headset System for Retail

Pro10 Headset

Pro10 Headset System for Community

Quail Digital Logo

Tom Downes

CEO Quail Digital

Pro11 for Healthcare

Pro11 Healthcare headset, headband  Q-P11HS

Pro11 Healthcare base

Pro11 Healthcare charger on shelf  Q-P7CH

Pro11 using healthcare headset in theatre

Pro11 consultants using healthcare headsets

Pro7 for Quick Service

Pro9 Headset

Pro9 Base Station - single lane


Pro9 Base Station - dual lane


Pro9 Base Station - table service Q-P9BS

Pro9 Repeater

Pro9 Charger

Pro9 Drive-thru Module

Pro9 Speaker and enclosure

Pro9 Microphone and enclosure Q-P9MIC

Pro9 Headset System for Quick Service

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