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23 September 2020


During Lockdown, shop workers were finally given the recognition they deserve as they rose the ranks in the public’s eye, from a background helper to an essential hero. They have worked hard to keep shelves stocked and made sure everyone had the essentials they needed. However, as the restrictions eased, their own personal safety has now been thrown into the spotlight.


Even before the pandemic, shop workers often bore the brunt of physical and verbal abuse from customers, as they have always been on the frontline. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) 2020 Retail Crime Survey showed that over 400 retail workers face violence and abuse in the workplace every day, so it’s clear that some intervention is needed from both companies and the government to help enforce legal change. The BRC and Paddy Lillis, Union Leader, have joined up to create a campaign to help get more protection for shopworkers. This protection will create legislation for a penalty for abuse against shopworkers, to enforce that the behaviour is unacceptable.


CEO of Nisa Ken Towle and Co-op Food CEO Jo Whitfield, along with 21 other CEOs, have written to 10 Downing Street calling on the UK Government to provide greater protection for those working in retail because abuse and violence should not be tolerated.


Protecting Staff

Retailers are spending a record £1.2 billion on crime prevention measures to keep their colleagues safe. Communication technology, like Quail Digital wireless Pro10 headsets are a part of this crime prevention and can help give extra security to staff by keeping them connected and able to communicate in real time.


As Tom Downes, CEO, Quail Digital, explains, “when faced with an incident, staff with wireless headsets can communicate not only with their colleagues across the store but also directly with the above-store security monitoring to gain essential assurance and instruction”.


With a connected headset system like the Pro10, staff can feel safer knowing that they can have the option to alert a silent alarm from their headset if they need help from security or managers or other colleagues. Staff shouldn’t have to feel alone and as an employer, you want to help them to feel secure in their role, to perform their best.


It’s not just staff safety that a wireless communication can help with, but also with reducing stock loss. Managers and colleagues can remotely speak to other team members on the sales floor  to alert them of suspicious activity from any part of the store, which can help them to spot potential incidence of theft early and discreetly.


As big retail periods, like Black Friday and Christmas are coming up, you want to make sure safety is a priority and that both staff and customers are being kept safe, effective communication can be key to this protection and help to make staff feel safe in their roles. Enquire about a demo today to see how Quail Digital can help you.


If you too, want to help governmental change reach parliament, don’t forget to sign the petition and then encourage others to do the same. Say thank you to essential shop workers for their work throughout the pandemic, by helping to keep them safe.



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