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How Pro10 headsets improve Customer Engagement in Garden Centres

22 June 2022


Tom Downes, CEO, Quail Digital outlines the benefits of digital communication within both the garden centre and hardware store environment and why it’s the way forward for a new generation of local businesses.


The way we shop has changed dramatically in the past 18 months. The pandemic meant many of us changed working and lifestyle habits - from an increase in those of us seeking gentle outdoor exercise in the form of gardening, to those using their extra time at home to make DIY improvements. Indeed, a 2021 survey of consumers from Freedonia Group found that a quarter of respondents started gardening because of the pandemic.



Transforming customer experience

Many stores have discovered that the key to an efficient, customer-centric business is in fact, the use of digital headsets. From managing queue systems, taking deliveries when they arrive, enabling quick stock checks to ensuring unified team communication, rectifying click and collect anomalies and deterring criminals, digital wireless headsets are a transformational step in improving the overall customer experience and importantly ensuring the safety of both customers and staff.


The growth the local DIY and garden centre sectors have experienced of late demonstrates the integral role these stores play in the community. Their position remains strong as consumer habits embed.


Furthermore, it could be argued that as customer demand has increased, there is now a real opportunity for innovation within the sector – ensuring that good communication tools are put in place not only helps staff to cope in peak trading times, but ensures improved customer experience all year round and importantly helps to safeguard employees.



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