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2020: The rise of the convenience store

14 December 2020


As the UK was suddenly struck by the Coronavirus pandemic at the beginning of 2020, and lockdown measures were enforced, the convenience store became essential to serve local communities. Public transport ground to a halt, so those in remote geographic areas without their own transport meant that a trip to the supermarket for essential goods became out of the question. And those hoping to secure a home delivery slot from any of the large supermarkets faced up to a three week wait, often with many items unavailable due to people panic buying. In turn, consumers became dependent on their local stores leading to growth in the convenience store market of more than double the rate achieved in 2019.


With this trend set to continue, the vital role that the convenience store plays in supporting local communities has become more clear than ever. As Tom Downes, CEO, Quail Digital, explains, digital communication now presents an opportunity for the sector to improve operations in the run up to the Christmas rush and beyond the Coronavirus pandemic, while unlocking further innovation to deliver beyond customer expectations.


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