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09 November 2020


DECT Forum Quail Digital Interview

Interviewee: Tom Downes, CEO, Quail Digital


The DECT Forum has many member companies that have been building consumer and enterprise end products for many decades. Companies such as Panasonic, Gigaset, VTech, SGW Global, Plantronics/Poly and many more have blazed the trail for DECT and their products are in use in homes and businesses across the world. It is possible to think that we know all of the major players.


Then, out of the blue, we can find that there are other innovative companies that have achieved substantial global success selling products based on DECT, yet we have had no contact with them. These organisations may not been part of the main charge, nevertheless they have become genuinely leading companies in a particular sector.


One such company is Quail Digital, a UK-based but global manufacturer of high quality digital headset systems for use in healthcare, retail, hospitality and community sectors. In the headset business since 1995, Quail recently came to the DECT Forum to share its belief that DECT was so relevant and important to its business that the technology and spectrum must be protected. We agreed, of course! Quail is now a DECT Forum member and will cooperate with our working groups to achieve the goal of ongoing protection of DECT’s spectrum.


Realising that Quail Digital was a company that had gone under our radar for all of these years, DECT Today asked Quail Founder & CEO Tom Downes to tell us the story of his company, and to explain just why DECT is so important to Quail’s ongoing roadmap.


Tom Downes whole interview as pdf


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Quail Digital operates in:

• North America

• South America

• United Kingdom

• EMEA & Russia

• Asia and Australia

Pro10 Headset System
Retail Products

Retail Support


Pro11 Headset System
Healthcare Products

Health Support

Pro10 Headset System
Community Products

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Pro9 Headset System
Quick Service Products

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