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New communication challenges facing the NHS

19 May 2020


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians and their clinical teams are having to adapt to a new way of working. While the execution remains the same, the additional PPE requirements are making it difficult for surgeons and medical staff to communicate between each other during procedures...

Quail Digital’s next generation Pro9 for Quick Service solution supports new models of restaurant trade through multi-channel team communication

26 February 2020


According to Restaurant industry experts, technology will continue to drive change  in the restaurant experience in 2020...

An interview with Quail Digital’s CEO: How will retail recover as the lockdown eases?

11 May 2020


Like many other sectors, retail has been hit hard from the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of high street outlets have been forced to close, leaving businesses of all sizes struggling to stay afloat...


Study shows OR team wellbeing and communication is improved when using the Quail Digital Healthcare Headset System

29 January 2020


The recent published paper by Ziv Tsafrir et al., shows the impact of a wireless audio system on communication in robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery is beneficial to staff wellbeing...

Caring for frontline staff in infectious disease units

27 March 2020


In the face of unprecedented levels of rising demand on our healthcare system, protecting our frontline staff is the No1 priority. Not only because we need them all fully operational, but also out of a duty of care to those who are caring for the vulnerable and infirm...

Understanding the new operating room ergonomics in a technology dominated health service

9 December 2019


Technology led changes – from the addition of robotics to the adoption of surgical ‘space suits’ – are having significant implications for operating room ergonomics...


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