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Queue systems

18 Dec 2018


There is now less and less tolerance for waiting in line, especially for Generation Z and Millennials. But with just 42% of shoppers having their speed expectations met, it is clear some retailers still have a way to go in providing the optimal experience. A1 delves into the world of queue systems and explores how retailers can provide the optimal in-store service, with the help of Tom Downes, CEO, Quail Digital.


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Easing The Mayo Clinic expansion with our wireless headset systems

15 Nov 2018


In a bid to cater to the number of increasingly complex conditions within the US, valued client, the Mayo Clinic has recently announced plans to double its campus size in an $800mn expansion. This funding will allow the Minnesota based medical centre to significantly increase the number of inpatient beds by a third, as well as creating up to 2,000 new clinical roles to better support patients. And while the expansion will significantly enhance their ability to cater for the growing needs of patients, it will undoubtedly have an impact on the level of stress and work pressures felt by those working at the hospital. It is therefore vital that they continue to implement the right tools to ensure every member is efficiently supported to help this expansion run as smoothly as possible.

The Mayo Clinic is continually improving its services, and building on their reputation as a leading hospital in the US. And as part of their dedication to providing the best healthcare service possible, the Mayo Clinic adopted our digital wireless headsets to provide discrete, hands-free wireless audio communication between physicians and the rest of the clinical team. As a clinic that specialises in cardiovascular diseases, the use of this wireless communication system, designed for clinical settings, is key to enabling a safer, more effective workflow during procedures.

As communication in a clinical room is never confined to a single setting, the implementation of headset technology is even more essential for this environment. We are all aware that there are many communication challenges that EP physicians and clinical physicians face on a daily basis in the lab, such as a noisy environment and large teams of staff. By unifying all team members through an interference-free solution, clinicians are able to improve clarity and accuracy between team members whilst also maintaining the required level of privacy.

As Tom Downes, CEO, Quail Digital, adds: “Headsets cut through the background noise of the OR giving the whole clinical team clear accurate communication between them, reducing stress levels and improving wellbeing of all those in the facility. We’re pleased to have a longstanding relationship with Mayo Clinic and look forward to working with them again.”

Smyths Toys

7 Dec 2018


As one of the largest providers of children’s toys and entertainment products across Ireland and the UK, Smyths Toys continues to grow year on year. And as they expand into new markets, the retailer has implemented Quail Digital’s wireless headset systems to help create a valuable and efficient service across every store. The integration of this communication tool has not only enabled store associates to work more fluidly, but provided them with a platform to deliver a personalised, fun-filled experience for the customer.


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Optimising Click and Collect at peak

13 Nov 2018


Click and collect is fast becoming the favoured delivery model for consumers, particularly around peak periods. And with customers expecting a seamless transaction, ideally in less than three minutes, retailers need to ensure the experience for this delivery method is as slick as any other. Tom Downes, CEO, Quail Digital, highlights how speed should always be key in order to deliver the desired service during peak trading.


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Combating communication problems in Community Healthcare Clinics

29 Oct 2018


With an estimated 33 million people visiting Community Healthcare Clinics each year, these organizations are an essential part of the healthcare system. While they are investing vital time into delivering a focused range of services to the local community, without the right basic communication tools in place staff productivity will suffer, hindering their ability to make the most out of their resources.

From diagnostics to preventive treatment, clinical procedures and rehabilitation, delivering a diverse set of services can create a stressful environment if the team, from receptionist to clinicians, are wasting valuable time trying, without success, to speak to one another to seek answers to questions, locate the right individual and better manage the flow of patients through the appointments and procedures process.

Giving a lightweight headset to all members at reception and in the clinics will enable the team to reduce unnecessary delays, improve workflow and offer a much improved patient experience. Instead of relying on telephones that go unanswered, with wireless headsets staff are able to collaborate easily with discrete, immediate communication. Additionally, the ability to hear everything clearly, at all times, will facilitate a more tranquil environment, improve clinical operational efficiency, and reduce staff stress levels and thus their well-being.

Future of retail

28 Nov 2018


Technology is changing consumer expectations. From cashier free stores to interactive changing rooms, the trend of using a smoother shopping experience can now be seen throughout multiple retail stores. However, as Tom Downes, CEO at Quail Digital explains, it is only those retailers who understand the importance of combining these technological solutions with human interaction who will survive.


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EP/Cath Labs

6 Nov 2018


One of the key challenges for surgeons is to create a calm, organized environment that will alleviate pressure in the OR and improve staff well-being. This is particularly important in EP and Cath labs, as clinicians must overcome the barriers created by the natural cacophony of an operating room, staff undertaking more than one task at once and operating teams that are spread across multiple rooms.

To combat these restrictions, clear and immediate communication is key, particularly during critical points of a procedure. Adopting headset technology, such as our wireless systems, enables clinicians to perform their role in an assured manner. As Dr Ziv Tsafrir, a Fellow in Minimally Invasive Gynecology at Henry Ford comments, “Using Quail Digital’s wireless headsets during robotic procedures certainly contributed to better patient outcomes by creating a calmer environment for clinicians and staff.”

And as patient demand grows, headsets are an essential companion in a Cath/EP lab setting. A lack of clarity can create stress and blame amongst team members, but with the ability to hear instructions clearly this ambiguity can be avoided. A more attentive, focused team will also be key to reducing stress-levels, resulting in more effective workflows and treatment.

Woodie's case study coverage

29 Oct 2018


Providing friendly and knowledgeable staff, short wait times and good communication is absolutely critical for retailers, especially for those trading in the hardware sector. With this in mind, Ireland’s market leading DIY and home retailer, Woodie’s, has invested in Quail Digital’s wireless headset system to ensure a proficient and reliable service is covered across the entire store. From improving staff welfare to deterring shoplifters, the adoption of this tool has enabled Woodie’s to emphasise the personal, friendly and forward-thinking service they promise. Visit A1 Retail, Retail Technology and Plumbing Trade to find out more.


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