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COVID-19 Support Hub: Our headsets can help you deal with the coronavirus challenges.  Learn more

COVID-19 Support Hub

We're here to help you
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As businesses like yours continue to take on new challenges, we're committed to keep
your teams connected.

How our wireless headsets can help you meet COVID-19 guidelines:

Clear, easy and instant communication between staff wearing headsets is absolutely key to maintaining a safe and controlled environment. It means staff can deal with expected and unexpected situations in a calm but decisive manner.

Click below to read more about using wireless headsets in your industry:

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Resources to keep you connected

How-to guides:

We have more produced detailed information on cleaning and disinfecting your headsets to keep your staff and customers safe.

Video support:

Learn how to use your wireless headsets to their full potential with our  User Guide videos.

News and social media:

Keep up-to-date on industry trends and Quail Digital news with our News and social media accounts.

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